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-You Don’t Get Your Car Detailed Often, So Why Not Get it Done Correct?-

CrystalBlue.png.md.cc.DFA2-RBFT-JWJJAmateurs or “Bargain Detailers” simply can’t give you the results that a professional can. If you hire a “Bargain Detailer”, you most likely could do the same job yourself in just a couple of hours. Amateurs will run their so called carpet extractor (if they even have one, and many don’t!) across the carpet, if the stain doesn’t come out, then so be it; Professionals know the correct products and techniques to use on each and every stubborn stain. Not to mention their cheap “waxes” will wash off your vehicle with the next car wash.¬†Professionals use professional equipment, products and soft water, which makes a HUGE difference in how clean, protected and healthy your car is! Protect your investment, don’t cheat yourself with a “Bargain”. After all,the bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of a cheap price…

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Does Your Detailer Use the Correct Terminology When Selling You On Their Service?

So Many Detailers lure you into using their service by utilizing incorrect terminology, or “overselling and under-performing”. Although this may or may not be intentional, the result is the same. You, the consumer, are getting less than bargained for. We don’t use our detailing terms loosely. All of our terminology is grammatically and technically correct. What you read is what you get, So you know exactly what your paying for!

Some Examples:

These words are scrutinized by their “Detailing Industry Standards Definition”

Detailers say “We polish your windows or we polish your chrome”. Generally, they really mean “I’m going to clean your windows with glass cleaner” or “I’m wiping your chrome off”. When in actuality if they where “polishing” your windows or chrome they would have the appropriate glass or a chrome polish out and applying it with an random orbital buffer or similar.


Detailers often say “We’re going to buff your car”. Generally, they really mean “I’m going to apply my wax with a buffer”. When in actuality, when people are looking for someone to “buff” their car, they assume their going to be removing scratches and imperfections from their paint. Although waxing will temporarily hide some minor scratches, it won’t remove them and after 2 washes you’ll be right back to where you started scratches and all. You need to “Polish them out” or do a “Cut and Buff” (hence the word “CUT” before the buff, referring to cutting process before the waxing step). So many Detailers use this term way to loosely and at the consumers expense.

Full Detail

Detailers often say “We’re giving you a Full Detail”. Although this isn’t a definition problem, it’s a clarity problem. A “Full Detail” is very subjective and depends who your talking to. A “Full Detail” could range from a moderate interior cleaning to full blown interior & exterior detail;Which may or may not include items such as spot treatment, headliner extraction, scratch and scuff removal, touch up paint, rock chip repair, headlight restoration and much more. You get the gist of it, a “Full Detail” is ambiguous and unclear about the services your receiving.


So many Detailers say their going to wax your car; however when vehicle receives its “wax” from sources such as a “spray bottle” or “wax in the soap bucket”. These don’t suffice for “waxing” in this industry and your receiving a less than an adequate “wax” job that you’ll most likely never even know. Nothing is worse than thinking your precious car is protected when its not!

The list goes on, just be cautious, when it seems to good to be true, it most likely is!

Why Our Details Are The Best!

Don’t be fooled by “Bargain Detailers” that use LOW QUALITY PRODUCTS and CHEAP EQUIPMENT,which can damage your car weeks or months after the service. We use only the finest Meguiars Products, top of the line equipment and SOFT WATER that wont water spot your Car or RV!

Our Equipment
Exotic Mobile Detailing Inc. utilizes the most state of the art equipment available. Our carpet extraction system is an industry unrivaled. Our extraction system uses 6 heater systems to heat the chemical solution to a CONTINUOUS 300*+(many smaller systems can heat the water to high temperatures, however can’t maintain the temperatures for more then a minute or two). This allows us to literally melt away gum, grease and other hard to eliminate stains. If our heavy duty equipment can’t get your stain out, it can’t come out. Simple as that. WE DO NOT USE A SMALL “SPOTTER” CARPET EXTRACTOR LIKE MANY MOBILE DETAILERS.

Our extraction equipment also utilizes the most powerful, DUAL 3 stage motor to employ the most water-lift (suction) possible. This ensures you get all the dirt and chemical solution back out of the carpet. Because little solution is left behind and because the solution is 300*+ carpets dry in hours instead of days, eliminating mildew growth.

Our competitors don’t use this powerful of equipment for many reasons. First, it’s very expensive to purchase and operate. To power our heavy duty extraction system we employ a very large generator which uses a large amount of fuel. This in turn produces the large amounts of electricity needed to power our system. Second, its bulky, large and hard to move. We have a large trailer that’s fully capable of carrying all we need to ensure the best detail physically possible.

Our Water
We unlike MOST detail shops, we use only SOFT WATER. This ensures that you don’t have paint damaged caused by the harsh minerals in the tap water that most shops use. This damage (hard water) can be damaging than mearly leaving some hard to get off water spots. Hard water, depending on the severity of the minerals presant can actually etch your clear coat and glass. If this happens it could cost you thousands.

Our Products
We utilize only the best products available on the market, MEGUIARS. These products are professional strength and time tested. If MEGUIARS products can’t get the job done right, nothing can. We don’t go cheap on our products because we know that a quality detail starts and ends with the products as well as the equipment you use them with. Using MEGUIARS also ensures that you don’t have poor quality products damage your vehicle 3 months down the road. Some products are simply made to be cheap, and their results reflect that down the road.

Our Reputation
We’re a professionally trained, licensed, and fully insured detail company. So many “Detailers” are not and are fly by night operations with no regard for your property. Remember, your putting your 2nd most valuable asset in our hands! Unlike many detail companies that come and go (very quickly at that, as we’ve seen dozens come and go in the years), Exotic Mobile Detailing Inc. has stood the test of time through a down economy. This is because of one simple reason, we do quality work each and every time. There is a reason we have hundreds of repeat clients. We’ve done work for very large companies such as West Coast Customs, Cyprus Credit Union, DEW Tour Etc. You don’t want a detail company that’s only focus is the fast buck and will be out of business down the road. You want someone you can rely on. Exotic Mobile Detailing Inc has been in business over six years and growing.


We are Honest, Trustworthy and Friendly

Owner Christopher Worthen has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Utah in Entrepreneurship. So you know your getting the best business service relationship possible. He knows that the key to success is establishing a long-term relationship with each and every client, not shooting for the “quick buck” as so many Detailers do.


We are Completely Mobile

  • We have our own water supply.
  • We have our own Power supply – No intrusive extension cords running through your office!
  • Being 100% mobile enables us to come anywhere you need us to be.