Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Over spray?

Over spray is any airborne foreign contaminant, usually from the result of painting projects or industrial fallout, that is capable of blowing miles away and landing on any surface.

Q: Can I just have a local body shop remove the over spray?

Conventional over spray removal methods performed by body shops and other inexperienced detailers will actually damage your vehicles clear coat. Greatly reducing the life of your vehicles paint and voiding manufacturers warranty. Our process is 100% clear coat safe and wont void any warranties.

Q: Can you repair plastic moldings?

It really depends on the type of molding and its over spray contaminant. We can remove all over spray safely from smooth moldings. Textured moldings can prove more tricky and sometimes trying to remove over spray from textured moldings can sometimes cause more damage to the molding than the over spray itself. If the textured moldings are not cleanable, there are other options such as molding and plastic dyes.

Q: How do you clean the vehicle?

Our hand removal process gently removes over spray. Our process doesn’t “compound” away your clear coat leaving your vehicle damaged. We do not remove over spray with any kind of cutting compound. No sanding or buffing is performed to ensure the vehicle is returned to its previous condition or better.

Q: Is your process safe for my vehicle?

Our process is manufacturer approved and dealership recommended. Our process ensures only the over spray contaminant is removed and the clear coat is neither harmed nor affected. We don’t polish away at your clear coat damaging your vehicle. Many body shops will simply “polish” the contaminants away, leaving your vehicle damaged and void manufactures warranty.

Q: Do I need to take my vehicle to your location?

No. Exotic Mobile Detailing, Inc. is fully mobile, meaning we will come to your house or work fully equipped to tackle all your over spray repair needs.

Q: How long will it take to clean my vehicle?

Removal time varies based on the size, color, and severity of the over spray. One vehicle can take anywhere from 2-8 man hours to complete.