Semi Trucks

Select your vehicle size below for Semi Truck mobile detailing

Semi Trucks

VIP Detail $134.99

Semi Truck Interior Detail $159.99+

**Day Cabs $159.99+
**Sleepers $299.99+

-Clean Door Jams
-Vacuum Interior
-Clean Windows Inside
-Interior Wiped
-Fresh Scent of Choice**
-All Interior Plastics Dressed
-Clean Cup Holders
-Clean Vents
-Clean Trim
-Pressure Wash Floor Mats (Removes Stains More Effectively!)
-Clean and Condition Leather
-Shampoo Carpet/Floor Mats
-Shampoo Cloth Seats

  • Extremely Dirty Vehicles Subject to ~$10.00-40.00 Charge (Rarely Applicable)
  • Pet Hair Removal Subject to ~$10.00-40.00 Charge Depending on Severity of Hair/ Difficulty To Remove

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