Paint Protection Coatings

We offer the best permanent paint protection coatings.

We can perform all your permanent paint protection on site, from Salt Lake City to Draper, West Valley to Park City. We do it all with our on-site detailing.

We offer the best permanent paint protection coatings.



Opti-Coat® is a ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching and chemical etching from environmental impacts. The technology allows the sealant to bond with and harden the factory coating protecting the surface. It can be applied to all factory paints, exterior glass, metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti-Coat® Pro is resistant to all acidic environmental substances to maintain a glossy clear coat finish for up to 5 years with proper care.

C.QUARTZ $1000+

C.Quartz® is a ceramic paint coating that utilizes proprietary nano material to create an extremely tough three-dimensional structure. It’s condensed nano particles and superior cross-linking abilities create a durable and high gloss finish. C.Quartz® can be applied to all exterior paintwork, glass and metal leaving the surface protected for up to 2 years.