Competition Comparison

Detail Co.
LogoLARGE-limegreen.small  Firehouse Car Wa*** Salt Lake   Mob***    Detailing   Detail     Te***   Platinum   Car     Wa***  
Years In Business 10+ 5+ 1+ 1+  5+
Mobile Service Yes!
We Come to Your Home or Office!
You Have to Drive, Sit & Wait.
Yes Yes No…
You Have to Drive, Sit & Wait.
 Hand Wash Yes No  Yes Yes West Jordan Only
Exclusively Uses
We Exclusively Use Top Line, Meguairs Products. We Know That Quality Products Equals a Quality Detail and Ensures Your Vehicle is Not Damaged in Any Way. We Do Not Use Cheap Products at Our Customers Expense.
 No No No  No
 6 Heater Carpet Extraction System
Our Carpet Extraction System is an Industry Unrivaled and Heats the Solution to CONTINUOUS 300°+ Melting Away Grease, Gum and All Other Grime!300
No No  No No
Make Charitable Donations
We Make Charitable Donations to Many Non-Profit Organizations!
Click Here to See More Information
No No No No
Utilizes Green Practices? Yes!
We’re Environmentally Conscious and Employ the Most Up to Date Eco-Friendly Products and Services.
Not sure?  Not sure? Not sure? Not sure?
Use “Express” spray Wax
(Cheap, fast & uneffective waxing process)
We Use Top of the Line Sealants (click to see waxes vs sealants) Which Outlast and Out-Perform Traditional Waxes (Especially Cheap Spray Waxes).
 Yes NaI  Na Yes